Meet Christin

The expression or application of human creativity and imagination. Generally, in a visual form and appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. A skill at doing a specified thing, that one has acquired through great practice.





Christin is best known for her transformative Deva Cuts and spectacular Pintura color. Her creativity and expertise reflect in her work. She gives her clients a new lease on their natural hair texture and makes each curl pop. Specializing in the art form of shaping and coloring curls. She maintains the integrity of your hair and educates you on how to achieve these results at home. Allow her to be the expert you seek to revive and enhance your curls.

Enhancing what's natural



"My passion for curly hair has exceeded far beyond I thought it could go. It starts with finding the beauty and uniqueness within your own hair, so that way you can help others fall in love with their own. Regardless of curly or straight hair, I've made that my mission and it's what motivates me everyday."

Curls are my passion